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Logo Inspirations

*Links to websites are underlined / available in preview*

Island Smart Home

Not a huge fan of the logo but its not bad.

I like the simplicity of the landing page, little wordy but the pictures make it clear what they do and the content of the text is clear and concise. The top nav menu is clean and easy to navigate. 

DTV Installations

I like the color scheme of the new logo better but the website isn't bad.

Feels kind of easy to get lost but the general feel of it (color scheme, flowing layout) is pretty modern and somewhat easily navigated. Particularly like the navigation under the main picture on the landing screen that allows you to select from all of the services they offer.

P.S.- I like that I'm not able to simply 'right click-save as' their logo as a JPEG. Any idea why that is / if I can do that? 

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